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Online Computer Quiz On - Computer Fundamentals(Acronyms) - Online Test Part - 5

Computer Fundamentals(Acronyms) Online Test Part - 5

Exam Name - Computer Awareness
Subject Name - Computer Fundamentals(Acronyms)
Exam Type - Multiple Choice Questions
No Of Questions - 10

Question - 1: ICMP Stands For -?
  1. Internet Control Message Protocol
  2. Internet Cache Message Protocol
  3. Internet Control Message Program
  4. Internet Cache Message Program
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Answer = Internet Control Message Protocol
Explanation: ICMP - Internet Control Message Protocol
IGMP - Internet Group Message Protocol
ARP - Address Resolution Protocol
RARP - Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
Question - 2: JPEG Stands For -?
  1. Joint Picture Experts Group
  2. Joint Pixel Experts Group
  3. Joint Photo Graphic Execution Group
  4. Joint Photo Graphic Experts Group
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Answer = Joint Photo Graphic Experts Group
Explanation: JPEG- Joint Photo Graphic Experts Group
BMP - Bitmap
Tiff - Tagged Image File Format
GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
PNG - Portable Network Graphics
Question - 3:ITU Stands For -?
  1. Indian Telecommunication Union
  2. International Telecommunication Union
  3. International Technology Union
  4. Indian Technology Union
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Answer = International Telecommunication Union
Explanation: ITU Is responsible For issues that concern information and communication technologies.
Established - 17 May 1865
Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland
Question - 4: LAN Stands For - ?
  1. Last Area Network
  2. Local Algorithm Network
  3. Local Area Network
  4. Least Area Network
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Answer = Local Area Network
Explanation: LAN - Local Area Network
MAN - Metropolitian Area Network
WAN - Wide Area Network
PAN - Personal Area Network
SAN - Storage Area Network
VPN - Virtual Private Network
Question - 5: MANET Stands For -?
  1. Mega Ad-hoc Network
  2. Metropolitian Ad-hoc Network
  3. Multiple Ad-hoc Network
  4. Mobile Ad-hoc Network
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Answer = Mobile Ad-hoc Network
Explanation: A MANET is a type of ad hoc network that can change locations and configure itself. It uses wireless connections to connect to various networks. This can be a standard Wi-Fi connection, or another medium, such as a cellular or satellite transmission.
Question - 6: MBR Stands For -?
  1. Master Boot Record
  2. Media Boot Record
  3. Multiple Boot Record
  4. Microsoft Boot Record
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Answer = Master Boot Record
Explanation: A master boot record is a kind of boot sector stored on a hard disk drive which contains the necessary computer code to start the boot process.
Question - 7:In Windows NT, NT Stands For -?
  1. New Time
  2. Network Technology
  3. Near End Technology
  4. New Technology
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Answer = New Technology
Explanation: No Explaination
Question - 8:OCR Stands For -?
  1. Optimall Character Recognization
  2. Optical Character Recognization
  3. Optimal Code Recognization
  4. Optical Code Recognization
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Answer = Optical Character Recognization
Explanation: OCR program can convert the characters on the page into a text document that can be read by a word processing program.
Question - 9: OMR Stands For -?
  1. Optical Mark Reader
  2. Optical Mark Recognaization
  3. Optimal Mark Reader
  4. Optimal Mark Recognaization
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Answer = Optical Mark Reader
Explanation: No Explaination
Question - 10: PGA Stands For -?
  1. Portable Grid Array
  2. Pin Grid Array
  3. Pin Grid Algorithm
  4. Program Grid Array
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Answer = Pin Grid Array
Explanation: No Explaination

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