Sunday, 10 February 2013

We should change national game of INDIA Group Discussion Topics with Answers

Group Discussion on We should change national game of INDIA


- There is nothing wrong with Field Hockey, its an interesting game. But Cricket would make more sense for India.

- I really don’t find anything wrong in making Cricket as the national game. . It’s the only game which unites the whole country. Every Citizen of India feels proud of team Indias win.

- The hockey game never look like our national game in recent we perform in olympic shows the acctual position of our national i think its time to change because in cricket few months ago we are no. 1 in test ranking.


- we do not should change our national game although our cricket teem doing well and our hokey teem not doing well it means not that we should change our national game .We can improve hokey by giving them best training .We should put a lot of money in hokey to incorage those player who wanna be a hokey player.

- I don't think to change our national game. If we do so then other countries wil think that we are on fear to face the criticals, thus it lead to affect our National prestige.

- I dont think changing the national game is permenant solution. but improving our performance in hockey and meintaning that higher standerd would certainly increase peoples interest in it. and then we will feel definately different about our national game.

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