Saturday, 23 February 2013

Technology Creates Income Disparities Group Discussion Topics with Answers

Group Discussion on Technology Creates Income Disparities


-I do agree that technology create income disparities. We can see these days all the companies are using technology oriented techniques in running their business. And the one who don't use technology remain behind.

-Technology is uniformly distributed throughout the country, but urban areas are far ahead in technology. Thus more technology results in more employment and more income, thus the difference between the urban areas and the rural areas.

-Companies opt only for those who are technically sound, further demoralizing other individuals and pointing to some gaping holes in the Indian education system.

-I strictly say that technology is much helpful when used in a right way, &twice harmful when uses in bad way i.e. it is similar to a knife which can be used as a tool to cut fruit for good, used to cut neck on bad behalf.


-I do not agree with its is something that contributes in the development of a provides you with such techniques and machines that help save your cannot hold technology responsible for the increasing disparities in income and wealth in our country.

-I think that technology does not create income disparities. Technology has affected individual in terms of jobs and skills. It has improved and helped society to improve the standards of living, style of living etc. It has made data processing faster, and today we could efficiently share our information to all through network.

-Technology can be used to provide better education and understanding of its applications, making it an effective tool for every individual.

-Technology gives a man power to be equivalent to a machine.Inhouse technology helps in getting the country name and fame on international platform.

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