Saturday, 23 February 2013

Skilled Manpower Shortage in India Group Discussion Topics with Answers

Group Discussion on Skilled Manpower Shortage in India


-Indeed India has shortage of skilled manpower. The primary reason is the brain drain where the professionals get settled in abroad. Other reason may be that an individual's potential is given much importance thus undermining his development. Lack of amenities for the educated youth also supports the scarcity of skilled manpower India.

-In my opinion the skilled manpower is increasing day by day. The population of India is in millions. When compared to America, Japan like countries the population is much more higher. Our Indian skilled workers prefer abroad because of heavy population and unemployment.

-India is suffering from the shortage of skilled manpower. According to a lot of surveys and researches done in the last one year, the statistics have proved there are so many different sectors in India like the Information technology, construction, mining etc. Not only this, the country is facing skilled manpower shortage in the field of media and film industry.


-I think no shortage of manpower in India because that time they work as reputed post in many company. Indian scientist developed many missiles and put in orbit successfully without man how is possible.

- I think we have enough skilled manpower in country however we are getting failed to utilize them properly. Many of skilled manpower has been working in overseas and they likes to settled over there because they got what they deserve for it like recognition, social respect etc.

-I don't agree that we have shortage of skilled manpower,our economy improving rate is very high comparatively to other developing countries.we are progressing in every sector like 'infrastructure,education system,defense,industrialization.

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