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Globalization vs. Nationalism Group Discussion Topics with Answers

Group Discussion on Globalization vs. Nationalism

-Globalization helps to access better technology. It helps to improve the standard of living among Indians. Foreign companies bring capital and technology which would ultimately benefit us by creating employment, empowering our researchers by providing access to technology, triggering a cascading effect which would results in inflation and growth.

-Globalization is the path for a country to grow fast in every aspect, it also benefited to people of country. It's live example is our country, it was started in 1991 onward in India, and the changes we are able to see all round in technology, IT, economically, fashion and other fronts. From the banking front we can see the benefits by using ATM, internet banking, mobile banking, CBS banking.

-Globalization in the current sense of the word really applies to the extension of the world capitalist system through a variety of mechanisms. Such regimes as the WTO and the Intellectual property treaties do not create a level playing field as the rhetoric would have you believe, but rather strength the already greatly unbalanced playing field.

-I believe that globalization is very important, as in today's world we should not only think about our country but also about the whole world. We should connect to the whole world to take the positive values and aspects of different people. It is important to be an adoptable in every environment so globalization is important.

-Nationalism also plays an important role in development of country. If all employee get their for effort in their work. And utilize time and support the govt.

-Though nationalisation grounds us to our roots, but we should always remember that the secret of our country's past lay in its ever accepting society. We destroyed ourself only by giving up the same openess. Culture itself is an ever changing entity. So, we need not fear of becoming very stubborn or reservred in terms of culture with nationalisation.

-Nationalization : also takes an active role in contributing towards our economy in the field of tourism.

-Nationalism need not be compromised for globalisation. Our sentiments for our country and respect for our culture and practices can be maintained. Besides "culture" itself is an ever changing entity and it is only if we are unsure of our identity that we need to worry about the negative effects of globalisation.

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