Sunday, 10 February 2013

Child labour Group Discussion Topics with Answers

Group Discussion on Child labour


- What about children who work on the silver screen or small screen? They come from good families and there may be no need for them to earn at this stage. A poor child labor is earning his lively hood and a child actor is earning fame for himself and money for his parents.

- Nearly 30% of the population in poor countries are the poorest of the poor who are not able to earn enough for one day's food. Parents of these children are mainly illiterate or semi-literate.for these basics needs of living they have to work.


- Child labour is really a social evil atleast in our society. and i dont know why its highly acceptable in our society.
These children are treated as money making machines by parents which deprive them of their childhood.
- child labour is something which is very difficult to abloish in a poor country.
poor families dont have food, water, shelter and they have many children.
- It is illegal to make any child under 14 work. Many a times we have heard about police raids on small shops and hotels, which employ kids in their business. They employ them because of the obvious reason of cheap labor. In turn these children get their meals and shelter. They are working because there is no one to look after them and they need to earn livelihood to survive.

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